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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it's wednesday, january 9th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. japanese prime minister shinzo abe wanted to make the united states his first foreign visit since retaking office. but he had to give up on that
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because of scheduling conflicts. so he's taking time instead to visit japan's neighbors. he'll head next week to indonesia, thailand, and vietnam. abe wants to strengthen cooperation among southeast asian nations. several of them are caught up in territorial disputes with china. and security analysts say abe wants to keep china in check. u.s. state department spokeswoman victoria nuland said officials on both sides are still work out the detail of abe's visit to washington. she said secretary of state hillary clinton will meet next week with japanese foreign minister fumeio kishida. nuland said clinton spoke with kishida over the phone and senkaku islands in the east chinsea. clinton said t islands are covered by the security treaty between the two countries. nuland said clinton urged chinese and japanese diplomats to hold talks to resolve the issue. now, before abe heads off, he has to take care of some business at home.
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ai uchida has been following up on that. so ai, what has abe been up to? >> well, catherine, you might remember yesterday he gave outlines of his proposed stimulus measures. today he's getting some people together who haven't met in years. why is he doing all? well, japan's new government is stepping up efforts to revive the sluggish economy. and the primminister is reeninthe counc on economic and fiscal policy. that's to come up with mid to long-term measures. the council is a key part of abe's economic plan along with a new task force that will work out specific recovery steps in the short term. the council will be made up of economy-related ministers, four private sector specialists, and the head of the central bank. they're holding their first meeting today for the first time in about 3 1/2 years. they had never convened during the previous administrations. at the meeting abe is expected to urge the prompt compilation of a draft budget for the next fiscal year starting april. he'll also likely ask members to present by june a longer-term
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plan and a new path toward fiscal health. now, the council plans to work withing bank of japan governor maasaki shirakawa, who's one of the members. they'll figure out how to boost cooperation between the government and the central bank as they aim to pull the economy out of a prolonged period of deflation. abe's cabinet is expected to approve its economic stimulus package on friday. his task force formed to revitalize the economy confirmed its outline together with spending by local governments and the private sector it will total nearly $230 billion. the government will allocate the funds into three areas. around $42 billion will be used for reconstruction and disaster management. this includes about $7 billion for rebuilding infrastructure like old tunnels and bridges. more than $21 billion will be spent on measures to ensure security in people's daily lives and revitalize local communities. this will come with subsidies of
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about $16 billion to lessen the burdens of local governments in carrying out large-scale public works projects. over $34 billion will be spent on boosting businesses. that includes promoting joint research projects by the government and the private sector as well as supporting venture businesses. let's get a check on stocks now. first looking at stocks, tokyo share prices are lower as investors continue to take profits after last week's rally. the nikkei average is trading at 10,438. that is a loss of 2/3 of a percent from tuesday's close. market participants say export-related stocks are being sold as the yen's direction is now reversing from the recent weakness. taking a look at the currency markets now, the dollar is trading lower against the yen. that pair quoted at 87.15-16. market sources say participants are buying the yen to take their profits on the dollar's recent advance as the japanese currency had dropped rapidly.
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they're also keeping an eye on whether the abe administration will be able to implement policies to improve the country's flagging economy. now,he euro's trading lower against the yen, as many players expect few moves from the european central bank. its policy makers are scheduled to meet thursday. euro/yen, 113.92-97. looking at other markets in the asia pacific, south korea's kospi is trading modestly higher. 1,999 at the moment. let's take a look at australia. the benchmark index is trading higher by .4%. 4,710. well, the world's largest consumer electronics show has opened in las vegas. crowds are gathering around ultra high-definition tvs. >> welcome to las vegas. >> more than 3,000 companies are showcasing their latest products at the consumer electronics show. they're shoelg off 4k tvs.
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the screens have four times the resolution of conventional high definition images. south korea's samsung electronics is the world's largest tv maker. people there have unveiled 85-inch and even 110-inch models. their tvs provide smooth streaming of online videos and voice-operated channel selection. sony has been selling 4k tvs since last year. the japanese electronics maker is the first to showcase a model with a 56-inch organic light-emitting diode screen. japanese electronics makers have been trying to launch 4k tvs ahead of their competitors. they want to turn around their struggling tv businesses. more headlines for you in business next hour. here's a check on markets. ♪ ♪
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♪ the pple a bing trumpeted their 787 dreamliner saying travelers would fly into the future. but some are having trouble flying at all. a japan airlines plane on a runway in boston started leaking fuel just a day after a mishap involving another dreamliner. airport officials say about 150 liters of fuel spilled out before the plane was scheduled to take off. technicians checked things out, then determined everything was safe. the plane took off for tokyo about 3 1/2 hours behind schedule. the day before a battery pack in a different japan airlines boeing 787 sparked an electrical fire.
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the plane was on the tarmac, and no one was on board. the 787 is boeing's latest model and made its commercial debut in 2011. people at boeing say they sold about 50 of the planes to eight airlines. the indian military says two soldiers have been killed and one injured in a gunfight in the disputed territory of kashmir between india and pakistan. an indianrmy skespson ys the shooting started when indian soldiers on patrol spotted pakistani troops on the indian side of the line of control. pakistani military officials deny the indian allegation that the firing was unprovoked. a gunfight also occurred in kashmir on sunday. one pakistani soldier died, and another was injured. india and pakistan have gone to war three times since their independence in 1947. analysts say the latest incidents may have a negative impact on the comprehensive talks for better relations that
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resud 2011. students at a university in north korea got a surprise visitor. google chairman eric schmidt. they showed him how they look for information online, by googling it. schmidt visited kim il sung university in pyongyang on tuesday. he traveled to north korea with former new mexico governor bill richardson and seven others. they spoke with students at a university computer lab. schmidt has emphasized that he's traveling as a private citizen and not representing google. some analysts say the visit was motivated by business. north korea wants to promote its i.t. industry, and google is believed to be considering doing business there. a group met with north korean officials. richardson suggested that they discussed the release of an american citizen detained in the country since last year. >> it's a good, productive, but frank meeting. >> the group is scheduled to travel to beijing on thursday.
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they'll discuss their visit to north korea after they arrive. north kor 345rkd imarked itg leader's birthday on tuesday but no official ceremonies or events have been reported. kim jong un was born on january 8th. his exact age is not known, but he's thought to be around 30. the date is not designated a national holiday, unlike the birthdays of his late father, kim jong il and his grandfather kim il sung, the country's founder. the state-run media made a special online edition titled "our leader." it carried 29 photos of the young kim taken during his recent inspection tours and on other occasions. analts s kim has celebrad his birthday in a restrained manner to shape his image as a conscientious leader. south korea's president-elect park geun-hye is to meet a chinese government envoy. park met an envoy from japan last week. south korea's foreign ministry says china's vice foreign
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minister zhang zhijun will visit south korea and hold talks with park on thursday. park is expected to take up north korea's nuclear and missile development and a bilateral free trade agreement. south korea and china entered in her presidential election campaign she promised to expand relations with china while strengthening south korea's alliance with the united states. last friday park met japan's envoy, former finance minister fukushiro nukaga. she expressed hopes that relations with japan can be improved. bilateral ties have become strained over disputed islands in the sea of japan. one of south korea's best-known singers will spend a week confined to his army barracks. military leaders are disciplining the platinum-selling rain for dating an actress while on military duty. rain's real name is jung ji hoon. he's fulfilling his two-year mandatory military service. he was conscripted as a
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so-called entertainment soldier. military sources say rain met with kim tae hee three times in seoul in november and december. army rules ban soldiers from private meetings while on duty. officers have given rain one of the lightest possible punishments. he'll spend seven days in his barracks. he'll be able leave only for training the anti-whaling organization sea shepherd conservation society says its president and founder will step down as head of the group. paul watson has been on interpol's international wanted list for sabotage activities. sea shepherd says long-time colleagues marnie gade and jeff hansen will take over. gade will become president of sea shepherd u.s. hansen will assume the leadership of sea shepherd australia. the leadership change comes after a u.s. appeals court granted an injunction to japan's whaling fleet lastmonth. sea shepherd has been ordered to stop disrupting japanese research whaling.
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it orders the group's vessels to remain at least 500 yards, or 460 meters away and operate in a safe manner while at sea. watson was specifically named in the court ruling, which limited the group's activities. observers say the organization will continue its anti-whaling campaigns now that watson has been replaced. now to our new year's series, "front-runners 2013." we're looking at japanese who are making a mark on the international stage. komei kobayashi's need for speed is helping him do that. as one of the only handful of asians competing in the premier event for race car drivers, formula one. kobayashi hit a bump in the road in 2012, but he's determined to get back on track. nhk world's hiro morita caught up with him. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meetyou.
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>> i'm hiro morita of k world. thank you very much for coming today. >> thank you too. >> komei kobayashi made his debut in 2009. he won a spot as a regular team driver the following year. his fans admire his bold and aggressive overtalking. 2012 was a banner year. he finished third at the japanese grand prix, becoming only the third japanese to stand on the f-1 podium. >> how did it feel to be on the winner's podium for the first time in your career? >> we had a lot of support from panese fa in the homgranprix, that's an amazing feeling. and on the podium, like kamuiko, even other drivers say that's fantastic, many experienced driver and nobody here in this kind of -- so i think that was a great feeling for me.
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this is the helmet. a used suzuka 2012. as you see i think a little bit dirty because i didn't clean it after the race as well. but i think this is one of my best memory at the moment. yeah. i like this helmet. i was keeping this helmet all my life, i think. >> out on the racing circuit when you are driving are you always thinking about the guy in front of you, how are you going to overtake him? >> i was thinking -- that's my job. you know, without change for me it's very borefor the racing, you know, justriving lik 16 or 17 laps, maybe i could sleep, just staying behind some car. but always once we think to how i can catch up him, some excitement coming, it's coming like extraordinary, and that's give us i think some excitement
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for me. yeah, i mean, that's the sport. >> what do you feel when you overtake your opponent? how do you feel? >> well, i mean, one job is done. like kind of like that. it's very cool. but i must say the job is not only overtaking. the job is bringing the best position. with my car. and the one we had best result. this is most best moment. >> despite his success at the suzuka track kobayashi failed to secure a seat for 2013. he says shift into another racing class is not an option. he's determined to stick to formula one. kobayashi says he will stay on as a reserve driver, hoping to win back a rular spot next year. >> when you drive, what do you think is the most fascinating point, fascinating point about f-1? >> it's not easy. it's a lot.
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dree driving the best car in the world. you know, we can see on the news, oh, there's a very fast car, road car very fast. road car, it's very cool. but formula one, it's the best car. fastest car on the track. drive that. and also i think the best driver in the world. i think this feeling is amazing. >> when you're out on the racing circuit, i noticed you are very fast. i mean, what makes you such an aggressive racer and why are you so fast? >> i don't think i'm really fast myself. >> no? >> there are a lot of fast driver on the track. but the fast driver -- i mean, i'm fast, but it's not like special fast. the general thgs, how w manage the race, how we -- good position at the start.
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how we make best tire for myself. it's always we need think because without tires, good tires we cannot be fast. without good car we cannot be fast. >> so your tremendous speed is a result of your great teamwork? >> yeah. >> our series "frontrunners 2013" continues thursday. we'll meet a japanese university student who's determined to help ung oplearound the world get a higher education. for decades ethnic minorities from myanmar fled conflict with the former military government to seek refuge in thailand. for many refugee camps are the only home they've ever known. they grew up and went to school in the camps, learning their own ethnic language. but with reconciliation under way in myanmar, educators face a new challenge. how to prepare for the day when
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the refugees can go home. nhk world's toshiyuki terazawa has the story. >> reporter: children attend an elementary school at the refugee camp in thailand, near the border with myanmar. the camp houses ethnic -- who have left myanmar. refugees have lived in this camp for decades. over the time children have grown up being educated inheir refugee leaders created their own education program with the support of organizations including the united nations. this is one of the people responsible. her group set up some 150 schools from nurseries to colleges at seven refugee camps in thailand.
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>> nearly over 60 years we can survive because of education. if not we will lost a long time ago. >> reporter: more than six decades of conflict with the government of myanmar forced many ethnic karens to flee. deborah and her family crossed into thailand in 1984. last year the two sides agreed to a cease-fire for the first time since fighting began. despite sporadic crashes, real strides for reconciliation are gaining momentum. at this college set up by deborah's group, most students move to the united states or australia after graduation. others choose to stay in thailand to teach refugee
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children. but recently some students say they want to return to myanmar. >> i want to be a doctor. i will help to improve the lives of karen people. i want to open up a hospital there. >> reporter: deborah believes if myanmar continues to reform young karens will have the chance to return in the near future. she's speeding up preparations for when that day comes. the group is compiling a new textbook for elementary school first-graders. they have new programs to think about. in the camps children study ren lanage and history. but in myanmar the vast majority of the population is burmese. schools in myanmar have no provisions for teaching karen
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language. and official textbooks make no reference to karen history. >> we hope that if we get a chance to have our own autonomy in education system iwill be really good for us. we have many difficulties to go through. and also if we go back, we cannot stand by our own feet currently. >> national rekconciliation is critical issue for myanmar's leaders as they strengthen democratic reforms. the karen education advocates like deborah htoo are looking to the international community fo help to realize their goals. for now they dream of the day
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when ethnic karen refugees can study their language and history with pride back in myanmar. toshiyuki terrazawa, nhk world, bangkok. dry conditions persist across much of australia. but the northwestern coast of the country may get some relief. mai shoji from our weather desk explains. >> yes, a significant heat wave has been dominating australia d relating to this hea we have a developed tropical cyclone north of western australia. it is named narel. now moving in a southwesterly direction toward the coastal regions. it is not going to be directly affecting the region within the next 48 hours. but gale-force winds will be on the watch in the coastal regions soon. this is a category 2 as of now, but it's going to become category 4 hurricane -- excuse me, tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours as it approaches th
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region. it's not directly affecting the region, as i mentioned, but indirectly it is going to be exacerbating the tropical moisture and dumping some thundershowers across the region in and around port headland. now, let me show you the temperatures. this has been the trend. 38 in port headland. very hot there. darwin at 32. finally, due to that cold front passing through the regions here in tasmania and in new south wales. sydney down to 25 from what we had yesterday, 42.5, record-breaking heat, has been continuing. finally, thatrelief. but towardour weendet again another soaring temperatures to come for you. and also the humidity as mentioned is very low. and the strong winds. all these factors combined are making it very difficult for the firefighters to contain the brush-fire. we'll keep you updated. now, the world weather is quite on the extreme today. northern half of this eastern continental asia is dominated by
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the cold. let me show you how cold it is. now, people in heilong xun province inortrnhinaave been experiencing extreme cold. on tuesday the temperature dropped to minus 47.9 degrees at higher elevations. pedestrians were bundled up in thick layers of clothes, covering their heads with hats and scarves. however, the severe cold did not affect everyday life. in an outside market locals continued to buy griuy grocerie including live fish. pulling back you can tell this high pressure system will be predominant in much muchhese regions all the way to where the video came out from and also will be predominant in japan in the northern half making the winter weather pattern very intensified and that will bring additional snowfall about 50 centimeters to the hokuriku region and hokkaido and will see about 30 to 40 centimeters on top of what we already have so avalanche risk is going to be very high. the precipitation around these
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areas will be mainly rain and also thundershowers will be affecting the southern islands of japan. shanghai 5 degrees. looking at harbin in and around the area where the footage cam from, minus 21 for the high. tokyo we're looking at 10 degrees. heading over to the north american continent, this is the system that we have been tracking. severe weather. the bad weather lies here pp and the chances are still as -- tornadic activity cannot be ruled out due to the heavy downpours. flash floods can also be the possibility. houston at 21. this warmth is making that battle zone of bad weather. and los angeles 19 degrees. but we're -- excuse me. washington, d.c. and atlanta both in the double digits. here's our extended forecast. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.


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